Welcome to AdminDesktop

11/27/02 Released a Design Guide for AdminDesktop. This is basically an outline of how I plan to work on AD. You can get it here.

11/27/02 Updated Web page. I have a new job that will allow me more time to work on this.

11/24/02 Started this project by registering on SourceForge. The aim of this project is to build a small OS that is used solely for Administration of Novell, NT, and UNIX/Linux Servers. The current plan is to implement a OS, and a client application that would allow for accessing servers. I am focusing on security, and ease of use, but those are only goals :). The end result may be very different from what I thought up, but as long as it works,and works well I'm fine with that. So now here is a list of tasks I need to finish before I start this:
  • Setup development Workstation (This is a home project)
  • Finish web page
  • Rebuild rusty C++ skills
  • Try and recruit some help
So speaking of help I am looking for anyone interested in helping on this project in any form. I do have some skill in C++, BASIC, Web design, and Server admin, but I am looking for more experienced developers to help. Well thats it for now.


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